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Ao haru ride manga

ao haru ride manga

Dealing with their first crushes, with the loss, with the trouble of being a teenager, Ao Haru Ride's characters are able to steal the readers' hearts.
Her father and mother are going abroad, and so, she is to stay with her pelicula judah ben hur uncle in Tokyo.But is Nanami part of the two thirds?One such thing that she has yet to discover and learn isromance!One day, Nanami finds herself in a class together with the incredibly popular high suche frau zum schlafen school boy Motoharu Yano.Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo, Slice of Life, authors: Sakisaka, Io (Story Art serialization: Bessatsu Margaret.Oh, what a romantic mess this is!With her new teacher and new friends, a memorable romantic school life is about to commence!Nanami Takahashi is finally starting her high school life.Bokura ga Ita (We Were There).The weird stranger is none other than Satsuki Shishioa friend of Suzumes uncle and her soon-to-be-teacher!It turns out, the good-looking guy is actually her classmate Kyouya Sataand he overheard the conversation about her boyfriend!
The moment she arrives at the city, she becomes horribly lost!
But how will things actually pan out?
Yet, when she meets by chance Tanaka and discovers that he attends the same high school as her, the feelings that seemed forgotten, pops up once again.
Her hero is Rita Terasakaher childhood friend.Of course, at first she thought the letter was just a prank, but soon afterthe contents of the letter unfolds!Its her own shoujo life after all!At least so far it is very interesting, entertaining and cute.Although practically everyone is looking her way, theres one boy who doesnt seem to look her way.Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji (Wolf Girl Black Prince).And so, Suzumes new life begins!As it turns out, the boy is Kouseke Haruna, and hes the younger brother of the man who saved Hotaru in the past!Shes mean, selfish, and bratty!