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This will allow you to mark all enemies on the map.
Almost There, trophy type: Silver, how to unlock: Complete main quest "The Final Weighing".
From afternoon to night).
Commentary: This achievement can be easily obtained during infiltration of a fort or any of the bigger locations that are occupied by enemies.Commentary: In order to complete a given location you must finish all of its missions which are displayed upon entering it or after highlighting it on the world map.You must face one of these hunters but don't try to defeat him if his level is too high.Commentary: Underwater locations are the ones that require you to dive and to,.g.Commentary: Legendary items are marked in gold.Commentary: Hermit locations are one of the secret locations in the game.Commentary: Taming animals is only possible after unlocking Animal Taming ability - picture.Reach a location with enemies that have much lower level than yours.Then, press männer die mehrere frauen daten the right button to take a picture.
The Crocodile Trophy type: Bronze How to unlock: Complete main quest "The Crocodile's Jaws".
Commentary: The game keeps track of a distance of your travels which means that you don't have to do all that in one.
By winning a honorary duel during Lady of Slaughter side quest which takes place in Lake Mareotis.
There are many objects in the game's world (vases, vessels, chairs etc.) that can be destroyed (preferably with a melee weapon).
Words of Wisdom Trophy type: Bronze How to unlock: Complete all Hermit locations.
An illustrative Hermit location is presented in the picture.Commentary: The arena is located in Krokodilopolis in Fayum Oasis province.For Those About to Die.Lose the predator and let it go back to its lair.Defy Authority, trophy type: Bronze, how to unlock: Defeat a Phylakes.Stealth assassination, going into an open fight, set free animals that are kept in cages, bow etc.Raider of the Lost Tomb Trophy type: Bronze How to unlock: Complete a Tomb.