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Ben hur movie poster 1959

Revealing mistake : When one of the ships collides with the other, you can clearly see that the rowers being hit are dummies.
The movie's stunt director, Yakima Canutt, stated that no serious injuries or deaths occurred during filming.Twenty-six years later, Judah Ben-Hur is a wealthy merchant of noble blood in Jerusalem.The Arab sheik Ilderim, whom Juda happens to acquaint on his journey home along with Balthasar, owns four magnificent white Arabian horses and wishes to have them trained for chariot racing.Citation needed To give the scene more impact and realism, three lifelike dummies were placed at key points in the race to give the appearance of men being run over by chariots.Romans during this time period didn't use slaves to row their galleys.
(2 votes directed by: William Wyler, starring: Charlton Heston, Haya Harareet, Jack Hawkins, Stephen Boyd, genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance.
Tour buses visited the set every hour.
Five of summer's most-telling bombs and unexpected fireworks.
Horning, and Hugh Hunt; Best Cinematography, Color; Best Costume Design, Color; Best Special Effects; Best Film Editing for John.
(00:52:00) NancyFelix Revealing mistake : When the slaves are walking through the desert on their route to Tyros, in several scenes it's obvious that a double is standing in for Charlton Heston as Ben-Hur.Factual error : The galley during the battle scene is rowed by slaves.Messala asks Ben-Hur to caution his countrymen about protests, uprisings, or criticism of the Roman government.However, when the camera is close on Judah the oars are perfectly still.Dunning and Ralph.However, Macedonia had been a Roman province since 148 BC and after the defeat of the Cilician pirates by Pompey in 67 BC the Mediterranean was free of pirates.When Messala has been thrown and Ben Hur crosses the finish line a few moments later, however, the camera has zoomed out far enough to reveal that his chariot is perfectly intact.Production Edit Financing Edit Ben-Hur was an extremely expensive production, requiring 300 sets scattered over 340 acres (1.4 km).'Jason Bourne' (156.2).An anamorphic lens which produced.25X appartement huren leeuwarden particulier compression was used along with a 65 mm negative (whose normal aspect ratio was.20:1) to produce this extremely wide aspect ratio.'Ghostbusters' (126.6).'The Legend of Tarzan' (126) Source: comScore Published 1:37.m.

Heston's costume is the same, but he's only clearly recognizable in the second sequence.
The next problem was that the oars were too long, so those were cut too; however, this made it look unrealistic, because the oars were too easy to row; so weights were added to the ends.