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Some other rule changes have been made that make some events slightly harder, Ill point them out in updated walkthroughs.
Achievement descriptions have been fixed.Fixed picture glitches right after swimming.Not sure where to find it on Mac or Linux, but on a windows computer you can find it by typing appdata in your computers search field, then click, roaming, then renpy, then dateariane.German version now has a help page in German.Whats a Visual Novel?
This kind of thing is hobbyhuren heidelberg not possible with the online version, and will add to replay value.
One of the biggest differences is the elimination bordel zurich of ponytail hair.
Fixed the missing dialogue at the convenience store when Ariane goes there in a dress.
Can I mod the game?
English version.1: 112: Fixed a rare bug that crashed the game if you go too far during dinner.BUT I highly recommend downloading and running the Renpy version.You may need to download the Renpy developers kit and a text nutten frankreich editor.Another copy can be found in the game directory.My web traffic has gone down to much more reasonable levels and my web hosting service is much happier.Also the Date Experience code shows up at the end of the date. .This makes playing online not very enjoyable.

For ownership reasons (meaning I dont own them sound and music files are archived.
Third party sites tend to attach adware and other annoying malware on downloads, which I am forbidding as a violation of copyright, but I cannot reliably stop.