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Escort off перевод

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Lieutenant Wynter brought these back, as an escort to the guns.
This one was part of the escort out at the crime scene last night.Full dictionary- Eskimoeskmu.When he drove out his escort consisted of a couple of Cossacks.Cassidy to our gallery.In the subregion those customs procedures are supplemented by multiple checkpoints on the road, a customs escort of trucks and vigorous inspection of goods.The policeman escorted Tom out of the room.And now, may I have the honor of asking you sexkontakte megalatte to accept the escort.The Board was informed that the Byelorussian Customs authorities had abolished obligatory Customs escorts of all Lithuanian transport operators.But I want to see this fight, and I won't get there if the colonel sends an escort.The practice of customs convoy, or escort of goods in transit at the carrier's expense, should be drastically reduced or eliminated or applied only in special cases when such a measure is deemed to be indispensable.More meanings of this word and English-Russian, Russian-English translations for escort in dictionaries.
Jasmine hopes Jamal will escort her to the dance, otherwise she will have to go alone.
Security escorts of unarmed United Nations personnel were provided.
He also employed the services of an escort at 11:45.M.
The guard was assigned to escort the inmate to court and then back to the jail.
At length the horses and the greater part of the escort had to be abandoned.
No women in the city are allowed to shop or be in public without a male family member to escort them.However, the comment " Escort of road vehicles" to this Article seems to be misleading and could be clarified further.Did you not insist on going home with Hester Paine, when I had offered my escort?The plan of the conspirators had been to shoot down the horses and overpower the escort.The measures included the prevention of violence, escort of repatriation convoys and maintenance of law and order, especially at food distribution centres.In front of the hearse, two police vehicles will escort the mans family and friends to the burial site.Travel costs related to medical evacuations and escort of remains of deceased soldiers to their home countries were also charged to this account.Escort bureau, copyright."Your escort was accepted arte prostitution spanien because you were the first to offer it said Halbert.My place was at Hester Paine's side, since she had accepted my escort.While initially used as porters, most ended up on the battlefield as combatants or escorts of commanders.Young minors wont be allowed on the plane unless they have a guardian to escort them.Tom escorted Mary to the door.