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Fighter jet escort space shuttle

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They are configured to transmit live video pictures from the air back to Dryden so engineers can visually monitor the mission as it is being flown.
No duplicate or re-hosted content.This beautiful aerial picture was taken by Capt.After all, if youre training to take a spaceplane into orbit, then you need something with a little more kick than the average aircraft.You say "obviously they are battle ready but they are not nasa aircraft are unarmed, and the ones in the photo certainly are carrying no missiles.But these fast jets have a different mission helping turn pilots into astronauts, and keeping a watchful eye on Nasas spacecraft and experimental aircraft.They may have been fighters in a previous life, but the weaponry has been stripped.Sign up or log in, sign up using Google, sign up using Facebook.This feature greatly enhances flight safety.The two-seat F/A-18 support aircraft are normally used for photo or video chase.What are they usually used for?
Posted by, here's a most excellent photo of Space Shuttle Atlantis (STS-132) headed to space as usaf.
Gabriel Green and usaf Capt.
The procedure requires skill; the fighter pilot has to bring his aircraft behind the much slower tanker, and position the jet so that the tankers boom the flexible hose which the fuel travels down slots huren in holland park diemen into the F-15s fuel tank.
Tue.45 BST First published on Tue.45 BST.John Peltier on May 14, 2010 in Florida, USA.They also serve as camera platforms.Up vote 14 down vote, they're mostly chase planes (source: nasa ).Submissions must be related to Space/Cosmology.Why does nasa have these fighter jets?No spam/blogspam or paywalled/pirated content.