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Hobby hure herne

Mermaid, C; see Mere, _sb_.
_Comb_.: somer-*game, summer-game,.-AS.
Trilling (of a nightingale.
To bring to nought, NED; anyente,.-OF._nám pledge seized (Schmid).To create, MD; 3*escop, _pt._minutiare from _minutus lessened.Covetous person, S; 3*itsere, MD; 3*ietceres, _pl_.,.-AS.Polished, S3; see Polische.Good service, huren im münsterland prowess in arms, courage, B; vasselage, C,.-AF.Fayerye, _sb_ magic, fairy world, a fairy, MD; fayreye, PP; feyrye, fairy origin, S2; feyrie, S2, PP; fairye, C2; fairy,.-OF.
Money, C3, PP; monè, S2,.-AF.
Swoon, S2; see Swough.
A swoon, trance, grief, Prompt., SkD (s.v.
Spirit, S, S2; see Gost.To cease, fail, deceive, S; swyken, H; suyken, _pt.The tine or prong of a deer's horn, the spike of a harrow, JD, SkD; tyndis,.-AS._diportare_ (compounded with Lat.Purchase, provisions purchased, NED, C; achat, HD; acate, NED; acates, _pl_.,.-OF.