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This in part goes back to Kundras notion.
While there has been a ben hur 1959 lektor lot of work, time and effort devoted to figuring ways that citizens can participate in this process, the question of how to get government employee participation is perhaps a harder problem. .
The current model of hierarchy is often built on notions of oversight meaning it is OMBs job, for instance, to figure out if each Agency is actually doing what they asked. .HUDs Recovery Act site, which already has some great data on where their Recovery Act dollars are going.This is of course important because most people follow guidance from their specific organizations interpretation of OMB guidance, not from OMB itself.Geilem aus 21 auto huren ibiza leeftijd susanne aus 8000, sinnlichesErlebnis aus, münchen xenia aus ulm brigitte Friederich aus, münchen.There meaning was clear the message of Transparency and Open Government hadnt made it to the official places they look for important information to show. .
So if, for instance, the goal was to have the entire Federal Government aware of a Presidential memo within 48 hours, with concrete steps to address it within two weeks, how would that occur?
This approach is replicated at the top of each agency to their lower level components. .
Yes, many things absolutely require coordination and formal communication, but the problem in Federal government communications is that most everything seems to go through those channels. .In practice this means that the lower level organizations are very careful when communicating ground truth. .The other responsibility this office might have would be to enculturate everyone internally to both accept and use informal communication channels that arent dependent upon the chain of command. .Informal communications in a successful, smooth running open government setting would take place regularly. .The Transparency and Open Govt memo has a 120 day countdown for soliciting recommendations we are already at 50 days. .Du wirst dann sofort in den Mitgliederbereich weitergeleitet.Office of Government Engagement : In moving toward a more open and transparent government, I think we should consider something akin to an office of Government Engagement. .This office would have the responsibility to evaluate and transform the official communication channels within agency hierarchies and between agencies to become more nimble and responsive. .

If this be the case, than certainly we are assuming that within government,  the cycle time for communicating important ideas across the Federal government can be accomplished in under 30 days, for instance. .