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Koln sexkontakte

The 18-year-old Huffington Post blogger has since gone back on his words, saying 'the victim is to blame, not the attacker'.
Mr Geuenich said his client allegedly offered money for the sale of the girl.
He said: "My mandate says he spoke to the escort 2 persoons camper huren groningen of the girl, but nothing illegal.18-year-old blogger who says he 'talks about truths' said 'most of the time women are to blame' in tweet about Cologne sex hobbyhuren rheinfelden attacks.The convicted attacker has said he is now ready to tell his story - for the right price.Email us at or call.His comments have been slammed on social media, with a number of users calling them dangerous.
One account called the blogger out: In this country, women have the right to be alone at night!
I've been living in Germany for 5 years and talk about truths.
He hashtagged the tweet with the word Silvester, which means New Years in German.
He said: There are pictures of me in the newspapers everywhere.
Other security measures include concrete blocks to prevent vehicle attacks and bag searches at entrances.
Writing on his news website, the 18-year-old says he talks about truths.I fight for equality and am always seeking crucial answers which I blog on the Huff post.Algerian Hassan was jailed in the Germanys first sentence of its kind.However, the tweet does not relate to any content he has posted on the HuffPost platform.He said: "It can't be a small sentence for such a small thing, if the media of the world is sitting at the back of the courtroom.".Features and analysis, cologne's profound impact on Europe, feeling vulnerable in Cologne Cologne sex attacks: Women describe 'terrible' assaults, cologne sex attacks: Search for answers, arab social media fury at Cologne sex attacks, cologne Mayor's 'code of conduct' to prevent sexual assault angers many, video.Hunting rape gangs, migrant sex attack fears on New Year's Eve force German cops to scour social media for plots.He didn't even touch the women!"."The victim is not to blame, but the attacker.".

But 26-year-old Hassan has said the version of events told by German authorities were all a lie.