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Nutter guitars

It's also very entertaining indeed.
The sound quality is so tinny it's hard to actually tell.
'Blindness' is absolutely stunning, a haunting slice of mid-tempo bass groove over which MES adds assorted noises and usual magnificence.
Meat / Das Vulture Ans Ein Nutter-Wain / He-Pep!'Mad Men Eng Dog' is a home tape job with much messing around, 'On My Own' features House beats over which Mark E Smith mumbles and sings pretty interesting lyrics.Which leaves 'Irish' and 'Jetplane' worth of mention, both classic Fall in that they fail to accomodate any sensible listener, leaving just the ones who aren't sensible at all - Fall fans to a man.Not vintage Fall by any means, although Mark E Smith is indeed god - it's about time everybody acknowledged this.15.06.78: Futures And Pasts /.It's enough to satisfy anyone, even if their particular Fall favourite may not be here.Better than this release, anyway.
It is a reggaefied C W song to my ears and although not your usual opener to a Fall album is brilliant.
But, there is one small problem.
'The Classical' needs loud guitars.
'Oswald Defence Lawyer' is a slow guitar grind, very slow, very much a grind, but it's addictive and good to listen.A little catchy fall-esque riff appears, joyously.The first sound heard is Mark E Smith laughing revier huren in a rather sinister fashion.You can just imagine Mark wandering about the studio tinkering and turning things off like a drunken imp.Maybe it was the growing influence of Brix but they sound more democratic, less Mark E Smith dominated.No compromise whatsoever, particularly to anybody that's ever liked The Fall before.'After half a dozen more listens.' The first two songs are great!It's easy to tell Iggy was an influence when you listen to this, Marks vocal is so spot on, it's scary.