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That is what we demand!
The caption says: The workers have awakened!
3, to hear the verdict.
T another November 1932 poster.This is also from the September 1930 Reichstag election.The three parallel arrows on the snake are the symbol of the Iron Front, an anti-Nazi coalition established on 16 December 1931.A strong Nazi fist grips a snake with Marxism and High Finance.The text: The people vote for List 1: The National Socialists.The small chap in the center with the red hat represents the Marxists (note the Jew whispering in his ear).The caption reads: Germans!The text translates as:Over 300 National Socialists died for you murdered by Marxist subhumanity!Gauleiter of Berlin, this has to be 1925 or 1926.This vivid poster is from the November 1932 election.He appealed his sentence.
The top part of the poster is missing.
This poster comes from the April 1932 German presidential election, a run-off between Hitler and Hindenburg.
The words to either side of the Hitler drawing state that crooks can sex treffen gratis speak anywhere in Germany, but Hitler is banned.He writes: Hitlers head looks like a soft-focused picture of an American film actor.This poster is from the November 1932 election.Background: The Nazis made effective use of posters from their earliest days.The claim is that Hitler will redeem Germany from the loss of World War.A variant of the above.Im not sure of the date of this Mjölnir poster.This is a typical early Nazi poster from 1921.Everywhere, blood marks their fearsome path.The caption: Germany Awakes!Dressed in a suit rather than his party uniform, he is saying: We are taking the fate of the nation in our hands!Most of the high class ladies do travel worldwide.

Vote National Socialist List.
There is room to fill in the date, time and speaker.
This vivid poster from the September 1930 Reichstag election summarizes Nazi ideology in a single image.