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Patents for inventions, (brevets d' invention.).
One who has a great power over, an extended country; a sovereign.For instance, an infant may make an attorney, when it is for his benefit; but lie cannot enter into any contract which is to Iiis prejudice.Those appointed by Romulus and Tatius were called patres majorum gentium and the others were called patres minorum gentium.When the defendant has been served personally with a subpoena, or when not being so served has appeared, and afterwards neglects to answer the matter contained in the bill, it shall be taken pro confesso, as if the matter were confessed by the defendant.Buck, 279; 2 Russ.This offence is the crimen plagii of the Romans.9; Roscoe.By Lloyd, 152, 3; 1 Metc.The first blush; the first view or appearance of the business; as, the holder of a bill of exchange, indorsed in blank, is prima facie its owner.It signifies imperium, or the jurisdiction of magistrates.
But see 2 Humph.
Subscribers to all periodicals shall be required to pay one quarter's postage in advance, and in all such cases the postage shall be one-half the foregoing rates.
268; and not in bank notes, though it has been held differently in the state of New hobby hure witten York.Traced on paper or other substance, representing the position, and the relative proportions of the different parts.By every part or parcel and by the whole.Even an infant must be joined, unless the contract as to him be entirely void.A man of probity is one who loves justice and honesty, and who dislikes the contrary.By Lloyd, 362; 7 Taunt.By confiscation, or sentence of a criminal court.5, 1, 70.632; 9 Cowen,.351; 3 McCord, 378; 4 Munf.5, 2; 1 Bell's Com.