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What hur stands for

OK is one of the few of these abbreviations to survive. .
In 1929 however, this spelling was replaced by okay, bordel anglais francais which has pretty much endured to this day.The time was 1839. .In Boston and New York, slang abbreviations were all the rage with the abbreviations often representing deliberately misspelled slang phrases like KY for know yuse; OW for oll wright (the predecessor of oll korrect KG for know go; NS for nuff said; and many many.This was then brought back to America where Americans pronounced this version with a long e, giving rise to the rhyme.We appreciate your understanding.Greek immigrants to America who ended up returning to Greece were called by the Greece okay-boys, due to the fact that they had picked up certain American speech mannerisms such.We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.
Today I found out what OK stands for, namely oll korrect. .
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